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Why compromise when it comes to feeding your dog when you can choose James Wellbeloved Lamb & Vegetable Kibble. It is no surprise that dogs cannot resist our food when you look at the high quality ingredients we use. Selected grass fed lamb with the finestfield vegetables, peas, carrots, potatoes, tomato and chicory all gently cooked and then basted in delicious lamb gravy. Our recipe alsoincludes, linseed for a healthy glossy coat, seaweed and alfalfa for vitamins and minerals. Chicory and sugar beet pulp improve digestion,encourage beneficial intestinal bacteria, all to help your dog absorb maximum nourishment from the food. Our Lamb & Vegetable Kibble is completely cereal free so we believe it is a great alternative way to feed your dog. This means no wheat orwheat gluten, barley, oats, corn or rice. Unlike some other dog foods we have taken care to avoid many of the ingredients which could causefood allergies. This means we also exclude beef, Soya, eggs and dairy products. Resulting in a food that is hypoallergenic. Ideal for dogs with sensitive digestion or allergic skin irritations.Please compare the ingredients list of James Wellbeloved Lamb & Vegetable kibble with any other dog food and you will find confirmation of the high quality, natural ingredients we use. If you want to really know what you are feeding your dog and feel secure in your choice of dogfood, then choose James Wellbeloved Lamb & Vegetable kibble. A dog food we truly believe you can trust. James Wellbeloved Lamb & Vegetable, your dog deserves food this good!

James Wellbeloved Lamb & Veg Adult Grain Free 10kg

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