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About us

The name 'Tagzvondeni' originates from the Kennel Name of our own German Shepherd dogs, Tagz & Deni. Tagzvondeni translates to Tagz from Deni (in German) as they are mother and daughter. 



Tagzvondeni Kennels is a 5 star, family run business, which took over from Haxted Kennels in 2018.

Situated on the outskirts of Copthorne Village and around 5 minutes from J10 of the M23 and 10 Mins to Gatwick Airport, Tagzvondeni is an ideal environment for dogs to stay in and be cared for by our dedicated staff, in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

We have a reputation for our large exercise areas and kennels where the dogs eat and sleep. All the kennels are heated in the cold weather.

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