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Buster Inflatable Collar Blue


XS - Outer Diameter 16cm - Inner Diameter 5cm - Suitable for Yorkshire, Papillon etc

S - Outer Diameter 22cm - Inner Diameter 7cm - Suitable for Fox Terrier, Jack Russel etc

M - Outer Diameter 25.5cm - Inner Diameter 11cm - Suitable for Spaniel, Poodle etc

L - Outer Diameter 30.5cm - Inner Diameter 16cm - Suitable for Retreiver, Border Collie, German Shepherd etc

XL - Outer Diameter 36cm - Inner diameter 18cm - Suitable for Curly Coated Retriever, Rhodesian Ridgeback etc

XXL - Outer Diameter 44cm - Inner Diameter 22cm - Suitable for Rottweiler, Great Dane, Mastiff etc

Buster Inflatable Collar Blue

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