100% Natural Treats - Beef & Pork Box


3 x Iberian Pigs Ears

2 x Cows Ears

2 x Beef Skin With Hair

1 x Puffed Pork Snout

1 x Beef Tail - Small

1 x Beef Lips

Pork Pieces


We will endeavor to include the contents listed above. However,  in the unlikely event that any treats are unavailable upon ordering,  we will substitute with another suitable treat. If you are unhappy in us doing so, please contact us at the time of ordering.


Product sizes/ weight are approx and may vary

Safety Information - Always supervise your dog with chews and treats and discard of any small pieces that come loose to prevent choking. It is the responsibility of the owner to assess suitability of the treats.

We recommend fresh drinking water is available for your pet



Beef & Pork Box - 100% Natural Dog Treats